Want to start a gardening journey of your own, but don't know where to start? We're here to help! We can help you set up, take care of, of and maintain the fully functional garden of your dreams! Contact us to get consultation and quote!

We are seeking residential food-growing partners! ATX Garden Guides prepares, funds, and develops gardens for the North Austin area. Landowners get to keep a selection of homegrown community produce, and trade locally to get a variety of crops and produce during harvest seasons.

To qualify:
- Have .25 acres or more of sunny soil available on property

- Sign an agreement with ATX Garden Guides to allow fruits, vegetables, and spices to be planted on your property

- Agree to provide COA water

- NOT use chemicals on the soil for the duration of the agreement

The land partner evaluation process involves inspection of the land to determine how much ground has access to sunlight. Once a specific portion of a prospective growing partner's land is approved, we then determine the best crop o grow at the location.

Our team looks at various factors of the area and soul to decide the best type(s) of food-bearing plants to grow. The food trade program allows a variety of produce to be grown and trade in the community.

Consultation Services

Want to take home a plant of your own? We can provide you with your very own at-home seed, seedling, or fully-grown plant!

ATX Garden Guides provides all the services you need to start you gardening journey.

Not sure what's right for you? Contact us! We'd be happy to discuss how you can get involved with ATX Garden Guides!

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Produce Delivery

Garden Building

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Plant Delivery

Garden Partners

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MondayFamily Gardening Day
A special event to bring your family together over nature. A father/daughter planting day or ($40 per group)

20 minutes: Orientation / Exploration

30 minutes: The families choose their flowers, plants, and items for the day

30 minutes: Rotating activities including pressing flowers, drying flowers, watermelons harvests, rock painting, and more! Come back every week for a new activity aimed at bringing your family together over nature. Want to request a specific event? Let us know on the Contact us page!

TuesdayPlanting Day
It has to start somewhere! Help plant brand new seeds in the community garden! ($40 per group)

30 minutes: Orientation

30 minutes: Seed selection

30 minutes: Planting and watering

Come back at one of our other events to see how your plant is doing! 

WednesdayPlant Care Classes
Learn how to keep your plants healthy and flourishing in our community plant care classes! We walk you through how to prepare your soul and protecting your crops from bugs and animals. ($45 per group)

30 minutes: Orientation

15 minutes: Garden Exploration

45 minutes: Plant Care

Thursday - Take Home a Plant Day
Get a plant of your very own! We walk you through planting and taking care of a seedling that you get to take home at the end of the day! ($39 per group)
15 minutes: Orientation

15 minutes: Plant Prep

45 minutes: Planting

15 minutes: Maintenance and Instruction

Friday Field Day
A day of fun! We provide several fun and unique activities at the garden site. Try out an augmented-reality scavenger hunt and self-guided garden tours! ($49 per person)
Activities include (rotating basis):

  • Spy Adventure: an outdoor neighborhood and garden escape game
  • Magic Portal: a family-friendly augmented reality scavenger hunt around the gardens
  • Self-guided garden tours: explore the plant growing and changing plant life available in our local gardens

Saturday Date Night

Connect with your partner over activities revolving around nature and together. Press flowers and plant together! Come together over preserving and admiring what you can plant together with rotating date night events.

20 minutes: Orientation

30 minutes: Plant Selection

40 minutes: Activity

Sunday - Board Games in the Garden

Bring your own board games, and enjoy a relaxing evening with the gardening community!

15 minutes: Introduction

1 hr 45 minutes: Free Play