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Garden Partners

We are seeking residential food-growing partners! ATX Garden Guides prepares, funds, and develops gardens for the North Austin area. Landowners get to keep a selection of homegrown community produce, and trade locally to get a variety of crops and produce during harvest seasons.

To qualify:
- Have .25 or more of sunny soil available on property

- Sign an agreement with ATX Garden Guides to allow fruits, vegetables, and spices to be planted on your property

- Agree to provide COA water

- NOT use chemicals on the soil for the duration of the agreement

The land partner evaluation process involves inspection of the land to determine how much ground has access to sunlight. Once a specific portion of a prospective growing partner's land is approved, we then determine the best crop o grow at the location.

Our team looks at various factors of the area and soul to decide the best type(s) of food-bearing plants to grow. The food trade program allows a variety of produce to be grown and trade in the community.

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