8 x 5' Brick Key Hold Garden $240 (One-Time Build Fee)

4 x 18' White Brick Garden $288 (One-Time  Build Fee)

Ready to be more confident in your food source? LET US help.

Our Mission Is To Lease Out Garden Bed space on our urban farm

3 x 12' Brick Bed $180 (One-Time Build Fee

Start Your personalized Garden Journey!

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Ask yourself a few questions before we get started and if you live close to the Domain in Austin, this opportunity may be for you.

1- Is your yard to shady to grow plants?

2- Do you live in an apartment?

3- Does your career keep you busy yet you would still like to have fresh produce without the hassle of watering your plants daily?

If you answered "yes" to any of those 3 questions and you live in Austin, please do read further. We've got space for you to grow your food bearing plants and flowers on our land in North Austin. 

ATX Garden Guides is located off Ganymede Drive and Adelphi Lane in North Austin, designed to be a private organic farm dedicated to supporting local food growing partners.

We strive to accomplish the following:

- Provide opportunities for locals to garden and grow crops organically
- Promote, educate, and disseminate information about safe, sustainable organic gardening techniques

What does ATX Garden Guides offer in the way of private gardening?

ATX Garden Guides offers a private accessible space where individuals can rent a plot of our land for six months or 1-year in order to grow their own vegetables, fruits, and or non-invasive plants of choice. This also provides an opportunity for members to garden in a social setting, share tools, resources, as well as participation in organized social activities related to the outdoors.

Our location is perfect a fit especially for Walnut Crossing and Milwood residents as well as nearby apartment residents yet that's not to say others whom live in Austin who are seeking an opportunity to grow local, organic food with sustainable methods wouldn't love this opportunity. With this process we will strengthen a sense of community by work together with those who share values of growing and eating live, healthy foods. We have a passion for sustainable agriculture practices with education opportunities about the nutritional benefits of diets that include the organic and locally sourced foods.