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Our Mission Is To Lease Out Garden Bed space on our urban farm

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Shay Reynolds worked in technology with a focus on tourism for most of his adult life while raising a daughter, his family are animal lovers with cats, rabbits chickens and a rottweiler.

Shay became involved heavily with gardening in 2020 during the C-19 outbreak, his friend Chris helped him till up 1/2 acre of his backyard to build an in ground garden. Shay's had some early success growing cucumbers, watermelons, okra and peppers so then he decided to convert his entire front yard to a food garden as well with the help of his friend Kate. With some hard work and focus, the new urban farmer began selling baskets that included 35+ lb watermelons and somewhere within that process he realized he had a green finger.

ATX Garden Guides was born to solve a need in the community, the founder's home is now designed to be a Market Farm with a focus to support locals, gardeners and garden partner members.

The initial goal is establish a 100 member network, to empower locals to take the plunge into growing the best tasting, most healthy live foods known to man and woman!

We strive to:

- Provide opportunities for locals to get involved in gardening
- Promote, educate, and disseminate information about safe, sustainable organic gardening techniques

What does ATX Garden Guides offer?

ATX Garden Guides is providing an opportunity for (residential homeowner) members to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies without all the labor that goes into farming one's own foods. There is something for everyone, we garden in a social setting, share tools, resources, as well we plan to offer organized social activities related to the outdoors.

Our location in Austin Texas is perfect to grow local, organic food with sustainable methods. We have a passion for sustainable agriculture practices with educational opportunities.