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Partner with us, and we can set up and maintain a Victory Garden right in you yard! Help contribute to sustainable food growth throughout North Austin! Contact us with your preferences and receive a free consultation and quote for your own custom garden build!

Sustainable food growth FOR NORTH AUSTIN!

You don't need to start a garden yourself to get fresh, homegrown fruits and veggies! Start a produce delivery plan with Garden Guides, or make a one-time purchase and save on your grocery bill. We also deliver individual plotted plants to add a personal touch to your home!

Produce Delivery to North Austin

Sustainable food growth helps protect your food source from:

Want to know more?
  • ​Unemployment (loss of job, underemployment)
  • Hyperinflation (cost of goods skyrocket out of control)
  • Economic Downturn (collapse, recession, depression)
  • Crop Failure (flooding, drought, frost, pests)
  • Transportation Crisis (trucker strike, fuel costs, regulation)
  • Long Term Grid Down (solar flare, cyber attack)
  • Supply Shortage (war, increased demand, embargo)

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